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How-to Videos

The BIG Dashboard

This instructional video series will introduce you to the new BIG Dashboard and show you how all of the sections are connected to each other.

Support Documents

  • How to load a standard trial balance file (TBF) ⬇️

  • How to load a future year budget trial balance file (TBF) ⬇️

  • How to create and manage Custom Peer Groups ⬇️

  • How to manage your users (Org Admin) ⬇️

  • How to use the Query Tool (Subscribing Member) ⬇️

  • How to login for the very first time only ⬇️

  • How to change your password and update your profile ⬇️

BIG Report Definitions

A complete listing of report definitions including: functional centre productivity and performance indicators, data adjustments, workload measures, performance screening, statistical outliers and more. See general report definitions here.

In addition, we provide a complete listing of all BIG Primary Accounts (aka functional centre roll-ups) that have been created to facilitate the peer benchmarking process. See BIG Primary Account definitions here.